Best Green Tea For Weight Loss

Safely Boost Metabolism and Burn Fat With Matcha

Matcha For Weight Loss

Matcha For Weight Loss

The best green tea for weight loss is Matcha green tea. There are many fat busting products on the market but too many of them raise blood pressure, anxiety levels and blood sugar levels. Green tea?   Yes, green tea is really good for the heart, reducing blood pressure and opening up the arteries to allow more blood flow. In 2009 the American Journal of Nutrition did a study the results of which state: Green tea catechin consumption enhances exercise-Induced abdominal fat loss in overweight and obese adults.

If you are already familiar with matcha Green Tea, it may conjure up pictures of Japanese Buddhist monks, ceremoniously sipping the elixir before meditating. There is a mystique connected with matcha and it is well deserved.

When I first tried matcha I was genuinely surprised at how good it made me feel. I had read a bit about the benefits of matcha but was cautiously skeptical of the catalogue of health improvements. One of the benefits involve a feeling of being focused.  I can be a bit of a space cadet, so when I felt my concentration locking in like Luke Skywalker, I decided to try it for a while.

There are many benefits of matcha but I wanted to focus on the weight loss aspect and the detoxifying ability of matcha green tea. If you happen to be overweight and even diabetic, matcha can certainly help. Matcha has three calories per cup, is sugar free and does not spike the blood sugar or insulin like fruit juices do. If you are trying to control Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes, the introduction of matcha tea blended with Gymnema sylvestre, will help. Gymnema sylvestre is known to block the absorption of sugar in the intestine and also blocks the taste of sugar on the palate. Ayurvedic remedies for weight loss and sugar control contain Gymnema sylvestre. Try this blend of matcha and Gymnema sylvestre.

What is The Science Behind Weight Loss With Matcha

For more than a thousand years matcha has been used in Japan, primarily by Buddhist monks, usually in a tea ceremony or prior to starting meditation. Now this anti-aging super elixir is becoming more widely known in North America. In a nutshell, matcha enhances the resting metabolic rate and fat burning properties of green tea. Dr. Andrew Weil calls it a “precious jewel green powder” that has a long association with Zen. Researchers at the University of Colorado have found that EGCg concentrations in matcha are 137 times more than in green tea. What is EGCg  you may ask? This is a powerful cancer fighter. The initials stand for epigallo-catechin gallate. Dr. Oz helps to explain why matcha helps to lose weight saying that matcha acts as a fat blocker that binds with fat and does not allow it to enter your body. The fat just runs out of your intestinal tract.

Check out the increasing popularity of matcha with this story from CBS

Thermogenesis and Matcha Green Tea

The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found in 1999 that green tea extract rich in catechins has thermogenic properties that promote fat oxidation beyond what can be explained by the tea’s caffeine content. For example, if you were to drink green tea, thermogenesis (The rate at which the body burns calories) would increase from 8-10% to 35-43% of your daily expenditure. Now if you happen to exercise right after drinking matcha, you can expect another 25% more fat burn off. You may also discover that your endurance improves and the amount of lactate in your blood stream will lessen. Matcha has a cumulative effect which will not take long to notice.

Detoxing Properties of Matcha

Matcha Green Tea

Matcha is carefully shade grown so that means it has a lot more chlorophyll than regular green tea and hence has more ability to detox. Matcha safely helps the body to purge and cleanse impurities including heavy metals.  A daily regimen of matcha will help to keep your system unclogged and free radicals on the run.

Control Food Cravings With Matcha

The antioxidant EGCg boosts the release of CCK, the intestinal hormone which tells the gut that it is feeling full. This is good news when you feel the midafternoon crash. Reaching for a cup of coffee or some chocolate can get you over the slump but then the inevitable blood sugar collapse occurs. This starts the  vicious binge bust cycle. When your blood sugar is more even you won’t feel the need for these types of snacks. At the same time with more CCK in your system, you will feel more satisfied and less inclined to reach for that Red Bull or chocolate bar. Matcha has three calories per cup so it is a great alternative to cream laden coffee and sugar drenched sodas. The pay-off in terms of energy is also very high

Green tea can have a diuretic effect so do not be surprised if you find that you are going to the bathroom more often. This is a good thing especially if you are prone to water retention and bloating.


The best green tea for weight loss is matcha but it is not just a one trick pony. Matcha does a lot more than weight loss and thermogenesis. When the EGCg, blood sugar control, and super low calories are added together, it is more complete than other teas in the weight loss arena. The more well-known benefits like anti-aging, detoxing and Theanine (The feel good amino acid) make it a no brainer to add matcha to your daily regimen, especially for weight loss. Let me know if you have any questions on this post or if you would like to share some matcha experiences.





  1. This is so interesting! I haven’t heard of Matcha and now I’m more curious than ever. 🙂 Thanks for all the information you have here on it, I’ve learned so much. There’s so much benefits of matcha, I have to add it to my diet.


  2. I had to stop drinking coffee for a number of health reasons and even though it’s been one year, I still sometime struggle for energy during the day and especially more so since I’m working on losing weight. I drink a lot of black tea and I’m trying to switch to green tea. Can you recommend a brand of matcha green tea or do I have to add matcha powder to the green tea? I’m very intrigued with these benefits. Thanks for this insightful article

    • Vanessa,
      Thanks for the comment. I switched from coffee because of digestive issues and am happy to have found a better energy/health source in matcha. The match is best just mixed with water and comes in a powdered form. Try this link for even more info.
      PS I have found it to be a wonderful compliment to my yoga practice

  3. I’ve not heard of matcha green tea. I only know of regular green tea and how it is beneficial for you.
    Matcha green tea sounds amazing. I like the weight loss benefit but even more so the blood sugar control as I am pre-diabetic. I am interested in buying some now to drink. Is it readily available at the supermarkets? Is there a brand I should be looking for that you recommend?

  4. Hey! I cannot agree with you more on this article as I have also tried matcha and I loved it as well. It is pretty pricey, though, at least here is Switzerland.
    I have been using Yerba Mate myself as this is more affordable for me. Have you heard of this? It has very similar properties!

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