Raw Foods and weight lossRaw Food Diet Weight loss


Raw food diet weight loss is the natural way to lose those extra pounds.

The good news is that you can eat as much raw food as you want. As long as it is raw you will not gain any weight, in fact you will be more likely to lose weight.

If you are digesting normally, you will not have a problem reducing. Raw food is alive and complete and that is how you will soon be feeling on a raw food diet weight loss plan.

The main thing to remember is that you do not have to deny yourself anything on a raw food diet weight loss plan. You can eat and enjoy eating while not going without. With the right meal plans and raw food recipes you will be bouncing around in no time. You can juice, blend, make smoothies and even deserts that are good for you.

According to WebMD, Kathleen Zelman writes that one study found that people who followed a raw foods diet lost a significant amount of weight. You will also get nutritional perks. Most of what you eat will be high in vitamins, minerals fiber and disease-fighting phytochemicals, especially if you use the raw diet secret weapon, wheatgrass.

While eating Raw remember that Organic food is the way to go. The contamination levels in the soil and water mean that Organic is the only way to ensure a safe food supply. Another thing to remember is to eatRaw Foods Lady non GMO.

There is a lot to eating as nature intended without modification. One of the best reasons to eat raw is tied up in one word: inflammation.

Most of the foods and anti nutrients in supermarkets are really damaging to your system. The soda, pizza, pasta, sweets and pastries, the comfort food line.

The alkalinity of raw food makes it the best thing you can do to reduce inflammation, detox and flood your system with well-being. You will soon enjoy eating again as your body responds to raw dynamic food.

Examples of Raw Foods

Raw foods do not have to be exclusively vegetarian. Raw is versatile. Here are a few examples of raw foods. Some people think that they will be confined to just eating carrot sticks and apples. Raw food cover more than that.

  • Raw nuts and seeds.
  • Raw and dried vegetables.
  • Cold smoked or cured fish. Sushi, and Sashimi. Raw fish. Ceviche.
  • Raw soups, like cucumber and tomato.
  • Raw sprouts.
  • Raw Juices and smoothies.
  • Raw cheeses including goat and sheep cheese.
  • Cold smoked or cured meats. Steak tartar.

Alkalinity-The Pathway to Weight Lossraw food and weight loss

Eating alkalizing foods will make you thin and you will be healthier.  An acid system creates the back drop for the start of all kinds of diseases.

When your body has an alkaline pH your long term weight loss is assured. Making sure your diet is alkaline is a good step towards maintaining weight loss.

Test yourself daily with pH test strips, they are inexpensive and easy to use. All green vegetables are alkaline, while fruit is neutral or slightly acid, and nuts and seeds are slightly acidic.

On the other end of the spectrum mucous producing and acid forming foods should be reduced. These are refined, processed, or enriched foods. Foods containing a lot of sugar. Meats, dairy products, wheat and eggs (except raw or runny yokes)

Why Eat Organic?

A raw food diet weight loss program will be vastly accelerated with organic food. Back in the day our grandparents did not have to worry about pesticides, toxins, growth hormones, antibiotics, fertilizers, chemicals in the water or genetically modified food.

There are many reasons why eating organic is the way to go. The body will be less toxic for starters. Imagine the accumulated toxic burden the system carries from chemicals, and toxins and we are eating it! The raw food diet weight loss program will also help you to detox,

Animal products in particular are notorious for adding antibiotics, growth hormones and raising animals on GMO products. Organic foods are richer in anti-oxidants and nutrients and contain fewer heavy metals. Organic foods are technically non GMO.

The American Academy of Environmental Medicine states “Several animal studies indicate serious health risks associated with GM food consumption including infertility, immune dysregulation, accelerated aging, dysregulation of genes associated with cholesterol synthesis, insulin regulation, cell signaling, and protein formation.”

The Enzyme Factor

Raw food diet weight loss is very tied in to enzymes. Enzymes not only help to digest food but are controllers of every chemical reaction in each cell of your body. Wow! These are important. A raw food diet is loaded with enzymes. In contrast dead food has the enzymes killed or almost nullified. Enzymes enable Belly fat and weighing inus to perform every action we can think of. We have around 3000 enzymes which perform about 7000 different functions in the body.

There are a lot of factors related to having a weight problem. The body is interrelated so that what happens in one area effects the entire system. Stress, elimination, liver heart, skin, brain all rely on enzymes not to mention digestion.

One of the most important enzymes is Lipase. Lipase helps the raw food diet weight loss plan by burning fat. Raw food contains Lipase which breaks down and dissolves fat throughout the body.

When we see belly fat or a jiggle on the hips or underarms, we are looking at an accumulation of fat that has not been burned.

Enzyme Rich Foods

Bee pollen contains nearly all the nutrients needed by humans. It is loaded with enzymes such as amylase, catalase, cozymase, cytochrome, dehydrogenase, diaphorase, diastase, pectase, and phosphatase. Try eating bee pollen in your smoothies or on its own but be careful because some people can be allergic.Papaya for enzymes

Papaya is a rich source of proteolytic enzymes. These can break down meat and other proteins. It is full of natural sugars so do not eat it right before a meal but wait for about half an hour.

It works by breaking the peptide bonds of complex proteins breaking them down to their individual amino acids so that they can be ready for growth and repair of the body.

Pineapples contain cysteine proteinases which break down proteins. Not only does pineapple break down protein but it can help inflammation, excessive coagulation of the blood and help with certain types of tumor growths.

Other foods rich in enzymes are mango, kiwis, avocados, fermented vegetables, grapes, raw honey, wheat grass juice and coconut water.


Raw food diet weight loss has far more options than just eating a carrot stick or piece of celery. There is a cornucopia of raw food including vegetables, fruit, nuts, sprouts, cheeses and even cured fish and cured and smoked meats. It is about eating more live food as opposed to lifeless, over processed food. Non GMO and organic food will further ensure a healthier body and mind.







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